Karmen Margeta

University of Zagreb

Dr. Karmen Margeta (editor) is a Senior Scientist with a BSc, MSc, and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Zagreb, Croatia, where she works in the field of water treatment and zeolite materials. She is an expert in the fields of chemical (analytical) testing and environmental testing. She is involved in applied research related to material science for energy technologies and water treatment technologies. She has authored and co-authored more than 70 journal and conference papers and several book chapters. In 2017 she published Seawater Steam Engine as a “Prime Mover” for the Third Industrial Revolution, a book that describes a radical new technology for stopping climate change. In 2015 Dr. Margeta was a member of the American Association of Science and Technology. She is also inventor of international patent WO/2013/072709. 2017 she published a book titled \"Seawater Steam Engine as a \'prime mover\' for the third industrial revolution\", which technology is a scientific and technological breakthrough for stopping climate change.

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Natural resources, such as zeolite minerals, have an inexhaustible potential for scientific research and application. Both natural and synthetic zeolites have application in many researched areas including water and soil industries, biochemistry, and medicine due to their environmental and economic acceptability, unique structure, and specific characteristics. Over three sections, this book presents a comprehensive overview of zeolites and their potential applications in science. Chapters cover such topics as the history of zeolites, their structure and properties, layered zeolites, and use of zeolites for gas storage and separation as well as in veterinary medicine.

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