Deepak Ravindra

Deepak is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering at Western Michigan University. His master’s thesis was on ductile regime machining of ceramics. His PhD field of research is along the similar lines of research. He has been working in the nanomanufacturing field for about 5 years now. Some of Deepak’s pass research work includes determining the ductile-to-brittle transition (DBT) of a 4H single crystal Silicon Carbide wafer. Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) of CVD Silicon Carbide to improve surface quality, developing a hybrid method between laser ablation and SPDT for CVD coated Silicon Carbide, establishing ductile machining conditions for Quartz, ductile regime machining of Spinel. Besides these materials, he has also worked on other emerging materials such as AlTiC, AlON and Sapphire.

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