Alsultan Abdulkareem Ghassan

Universiti Putra Malaysia Malaysia

Abdulkareem’s work lies mainly in the area of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, concentrating on three major topics, namely Catalyst and Reaction Engineering, Waste Recovery, and Biomass to Energy, and has been actively involved in research on pyrolysis process, particularly on the development of pyrolysis technology to transform waste materials (e.g. waste oil, aluminium and plastic waste) and biomass (e.g. microalgae, aquaculture waste) into potentially useful hydrocarbon feedstocks such as diesel-fuel, bio-fuel, and syngas. Abdulkareem’s work promotes the research and development of technologies for the better use of energy sources (e.g. hydrocarbons in waste materials, biomass) and conservation of environment, hoping that the technologies would make a practical contribution to the challenge of redesigning human behaviour for sustainability. So far he has published about 24 papers from his research and 3 book chaptersl.

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