Ádley Neves de Lima

Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte

Dr. Neves de Lima obtained his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences in the Federal University of Pernambuco – UFPE. He is currently a professor of Pharmacy courses and a Post-graduate in pharmaceutical sciences of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte – UFRN. He is a member of the Thematic Technical Committee of Excipients and Adjuvants of the Brazilian Pharmacopoeia. Dr. Neves de Lima works with development of pharmaceutical and cosmetic forms, drug release systems, drug solubility and poorly soluble NEQs, cyclodextrin and several polymeric systems, drugs and natural products. He has several patents filed, international articles published in indexed periodicals and several book chapters. He is a reviewer of several periodicals and is the editor of the journal Biomolecules - MDPI. Dr. Neves de Lima has established partnerships with several pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and his products are under development with these companies. Also, he has established international partnerships with universities in Parma, Genoa and Firenze in Italy.