Aleksandra Sudarić

Agricultural Institute Osijek Croatia

Dr. Aleksandra Sudarić was born in Osijek, Croatia. She received an MSc in Plant Genetics and Breeding in 1996 from the University of Zagreb and a PhD in Plant Breeding in 1999 from the University of Osijek. Dr. Sudarić is a senior research scientist at the Agricultural Institute Osijek (Croatia), Department for Breeding and Genetics of Industrial Plants where she studies the breeding and seed production of soybean. She is presently coordinator of the soybean breeding program at the Institute. In addition, she completed the training for application of DNA-based marker technology at the University of Guelph in Guelph (Canada). Her main research interests are in the genetic improvement of quantity and quality characteristics of soybean and soybean adaptation to mega-environments. Dr. Sudarić has authored more than 100 papers (scientific, professional, and popular), several book chapters, books, and manuscripts about soybean as well as developed twenty-six soybean varieties.

Aleksandra Sudarić

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Soybean is the main oilseed crop worldwide, a staple crop for protein-rich food and feed as well as a significant source of nutraceutical compounds with many different medical benefits. Soybean for Human Consumption and Animal Feed highlights the state of research in soybean nutritional attributes as well as science-based approaches defining the future of soybean for human consumption and animal feed. Over seven chapters, this book presents a comprehensive picture of the potential of soybean for human and animal diets and health as well as quality stock for pharmaceutical and functional food industries with an emphasis on the importance of genetic improvement of soybean germplasm in enhancing healthy and safe properties of final soy products.

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