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Purdue University Northwest

Bankole K. Fasanya received a BSc in Mechanical Engineering in 1999 from The Polytechnic Ibadan, Nigeria, his Master’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Morgan State University, Maryland, USA and his doctorate degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering specialized in ergonomics and human factors from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, USA. His research focuses on human and environmental safety, ergonomics and human factors, auditory prevention and protection and noise assessment and control at workplaces. Dr. Fasanya is currently an assistant professor at Purdue University Northwest in Indiana, USA. He currently serves as one of the executive members of the American Hearing Conservative Association (NHCA). He is an OSHA-Authorized general industry safety train the trainer and a certified occupational hearing conservationist (COHC).

Bankole Fasanya

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This book provides workers and individuals with knowledge on the effective ways to understand the importance of human health and safety in workplaces. Workplace incident scenarios and research findings on human health and safety that could be an ideal information source for university students and workers are detailed in the book. Knowledge made available includes: • Ergonomics, spine deformity associated with human posture. • Gender differences in biomechanical effects of the upper extremities. • Working conditions and gender inequalities and their effects on health and safety promotions. • Social support and job satisfaction relationship at workplaces. • Recommendations to enhance good handwashing practices. • Worker’s Act impacts on health and safety practices. • Good hygiene practices at public places. Its comprehensive scope, along with its quick understanding, makes this book a handy working reference for good health and safety practices at workplaces.

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