Rosalba Morese

Universita della Svizzera Italiana

Rosalba Morese holds a Bachelor\'s degree in Psychology from the University of Parma and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Turin, Italy, and has worked to develop new techniques and approaches in Cognitive Science and Social Neuroscience. She is an expert in Experimental Neuroscience, Neuroeconomics, Psychophysiology, Cognitive and Social Neuroscience. She performs neuroimaging studies in clinical and social contexts in order to investigate neural correlates involved in neuropsychological abnormalities and during social interactions. She is currently a research fellow at the Department of Psychology in Turin and a teaching assistant for the course on Social Psychology and Psychology of Communication at the University of Lugano, Switzerland.

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This is the first book that highlights how socialization is experienced as being a complex concept in everyday life in various countries of the world. The book represents the first attempt to provide an original and multidimensional definition of socialization that takes into account the contribution of different disciplines, such as philosophy, psychology, sociology, education, and even architecture, to underline its importance as a key aspect of human experience. Therefore, it represents an extraordinary opportunity to outline new horizons in the field.

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