Chiman Kwan

Signal Processing, Inc.

Dr. Chiman Kwan is the founder of two R&D companies, working on projects related to fault tolerant control, image and video processing, remote sensing, diagnostics, structural health monitoring, and contingency planning for unmanned air vehicles. The past 32 years of research have resulted in 15 patents, 60+ invention disclosures, 350+ journal and conference papers, 500+ proprietary technical reports, and 120+ competitively selected projects from government and private companies totalling in more than 36 million dollars. He received several awards from IEEE, including finalist for 2003 Kayamori Best Paper Award, 2004 Ralph H. Lee Department Prize Paper Award, 2016 Mikio Takagi Best Student Paper Award (co-author), and 2019 Best Paper Award from IEEE Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics & Mobile Communication Conference. He also received a certificate of recognition from NASA for his work on Auxiliary Power Unit monitoring in the Space Shuttle. He has been a keynote speaker on several international conferences.

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