Rama Sashank Madhurapantula

Illinois Institute of Technology

Rama Sashank Madhurapantula is a research assistant professor in the Biology Department, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. His current research involves developing microscopy techniques to establish macroscopic stress vs strain relations in body tissues that present mixed-tissue compositions, in conjunction with X-ray diffraction scanning techniques to establish tissue composition. His doctoral work was in understanding molecular changes to collagens with diseases and changes in fibrous structures such as myelin. In recognition of scientific endeavors and achievements, Dr. Madhurapantula was elected as chair to the Fiber Diffraction Special Interest Group of the American Crystallographic Association in 2020 and awarded the Margaret C. Etter Student Lecturer award in 2014.

Rama Sashank Madhurapantula

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Understanding extracellular matrix (ECM) structure and function is important for developing biomedical applications that are as close to ‘native’ as possible. Written by pioneering scientists from all over the world, this book reports research and new developments in the field of collagen structure, function, and biomechanics and discusses the relevance of hyaluronic acid and its therapeutic uses. It gives readers a glimpse of what is current in this area and we hope it piques their interest in learning more about ECM biology.

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Extracellular Matrix Developments and Therapeutics Edited by Rama Sashank Madhurapantula

Extracellular Matrix

Edited by Rama Sashank Madhurapantula