Rama Sashank Madhurapantula

Illinois Institute of Technology

Dr. Madhurapantula holds a Ph.D. in Biology from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, with a focus on the molecular structure and function of type I collagen. Since obtaining his Ph.D., he has worked on various ECM based research projects on understanding the structural aspects of various fibrous tissue assemblies in the human body, in non-disease and disease conditions. He is an expert in the field of in situ X-ray fiber diffraction. Most recently, he has been involved with developing microscopy techniques to establish macroscopic stress vs. strain relations in body tissues that present mixed tissue compositions, in conjunction with X-ray diffraction scanning techniques to establish tissue composition. These datasets together are being used to develop a high definition model of human heart valves with accurate stress-strain finite element models to improve the characteristics of these tissues in the CAVEMAN full human body simulation, which is further utilized in simulated blast and vehicular accident calculations, and to develop a simulated surgery apparatus to train surgeons.

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