Subas Dinda

Teerthanker Mahaveer UniversityIndia

Subas Chandra Dinda, who is serving at present as professor & head of pharmaceutics, Teerthanker Mahaveer University, India is found to be having a wide research experience in the frontier of Drug Delivery and Drug Targeting Research covering the area of design and development of Matrix systems, Floating Drug delivery systems, Muco-adhesive microcapsules, and Nano-particle based formulations. He explored several poorly bio-available drugs through muco-adhesive as well as nano-particle based dosage forms and found to be very effective through oral route. He also actively involved in guiding the scholars in the field of Drug Delivery System as well as interdisciplinary research covering the area of Drug Synthesis and Herbal Drug Research under the joint collaboration with the teachers of other University as well. To date some of his research finding published in more than hundred of peer reviewed journals for the benefit of scientific community. He also supervised more than 22 PhD candidates in the field of pharmaceutical sciences for the professional development and having a vast administrative experience in establishing the new pharmacy institutions as well as designed new pharmacy course curricula for the development of pharmaceutical sciences at Berhampur University in India as well as Mekelle University in Ethiopia. E-mail: /

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