Domenico Chirchiglia


Researcher in scientific-disciplinary sector Neurosurgery. Aggregate Professor of Neurosurgery at “ Magna Graecia “ University of Catanzaro ( Italy ). Specialist in Clinical Neurophysiology. Carries out welfare activities such as medical Manager, who help, at the Operative Unit of Neurosurgery, inter alia the outpatient activities, clinical and neurophysiologic diagnostic on clinical electroencephalography and electromyography.The research focuses on the lines of neurosurgical disorders, in particular about the functional aspect as the neurostimulation, the application of diagnostic tests in the central and peripheral pathologies of the nervous system, with help of pre-and intraoperative monitoring, surgical treatment of epilepsy and extrapyramidal diseases, headaches and study of Craniofacial pain. He completed stages in Italy and abroad, in particular in Lyon, Pierre Wertheimer Hospital, in 1999, where he worked on direct cortical stimulation in awake surgery. Also in 1999 he was member of the scientific secretariat of the National Congress of Italian Society of Neurosurgery, held in Catanzaro ( Italy ) In 2003 he obtained in Perugia the Board of Qualification on Stroke, with preparatory claim to functions of coordination of stroke unit. Author-coauthor of over one hundred publications on national and international journals and speaker at conferences. Member of LICE (the Italian League against epilepsy) and Calabrian Episcreen project coordinator-National Observatory on epilepsy, in 1996. Carries out educational activities at the Catanzaro University, Degree courses of the School of Medicine and Surgery.

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