Lei-Ming Ma

Shanghai Meteorological Service

Dr. Lei-Ming Ma (PhD from Nanjing University, China) is currently Professor of Shanghai Meteorological Service and also a professor of East China Normal University in Shanghai, China. Dr. Ma’s research focuses on numerical weather prediction and atmospheric physics. He has published on a range of topics that regard numerical prediction on physical processes of atmospheric problems, convective parameterization for enhancing tropical cyclone prediction, planetary boundary layer parameterization, data assimilation for model initialization, etc. His current research project pertains to the advanced numerical prediction technologies for severe weather and atmospheric environment systems, the challenges of forecast on urban meteorological/atmospheric environmental hazards in response to the climate change.

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Although the technology of observation and prediction of atmospheric systems draws upon many common fields, until now the interrelatedness and interdisciplinary nature of these research fields have scarcely been discussed in one volume containing fundamental theories, numerical methods, and operational application results. This is a book to provide in-depth explorations of the numerical methods developed to better understand atmospheric systems, which are introduced in eight chapters. Chapter 1 presents an efficient algorithm for tropical cyclone center determination by using satellite imagery. Chapter 2 aims to identify atmospheric systems with a new polarization remote sensing method. Chapters 3-8 place emphasis on enhancing the performance of numerical models in the prediction of atmospheric systems that should be valuable for researchers and forecasters.

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