Kyeong Kang

University of Technology Sydney

Kyeong Kang is an academic at the University of Technology Sydney. She is an expert in Innovative Digital Culture in E-service System Design particularly in E-commerce and E-government. Her research focuses on the system innovation towards positive impacts on people and society. She delivered an excellent quality of industry and internationally collaborated research projects, and created industry projects with Australian governments and International organizations. Her research is widely published and cited. She is an executive member of the Korean Science and Engineering Association (Australia New Zealand Chapter).

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E-commerce provides immense capability for connectivity through buying and selling activities all over the world. During the last two decades new concepts of business have evolved due to popularity of the Internet, providing new business opportunities for commercial organisations and they are being further influenced by user activities of newer applications of the Internet. Business transactions are made possible through a combination of secure data processing, networking technologies and interactivity functions. Business models are also subjected to continuous external forces of technological evolution, innovative solutions derived through competition, creation of legal boundaries through legislation and social change. The main purpose of this book is to provide the reader with a familiarity of the web based e- commerce environment and position them to deal confidently with a competitive global business environment. The book contains a numbers of case studies providing the reader with different perspectives in interface design, technology usage, quality measurement and performance aspects of developing web-based e-commerce.

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