Tien Nguyen

The Aerospace Corporation

Dr. Tien M. Nguyen received his M.A. in Mathematics, and his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the Claremont Graduate University; M.S.E.E. in Communication Systems Theory from University of California San Diego; and B.S.E. in Electronics and M.S.E. in Electromagnetic Field Theory from California State University Fullerton (CSUF). He also completed all course requirements and passed the comprehensive exam for his M.S.E.E. in Digital Signal Processing from California State University Long Beach. Dr. Nguyen is an expert in Satellite Operations (SATOPS), Satellite Communications (SATCOMs), advanced mathematical modeling for complex systems-of-systems, sensing and communication networks. Currently, he serves as Adjunct Research Professor at CSUF, Mathematics Dept. Concurrently, he is also with the Aerospace Corporation, serving as a Deputy Chief System Architect in Space Systems Architect, Global Partnerships Subdivision. He has more than 13-years of service at Aerospace, and prior to his current position; he has served as Sr. Engineering Specialist, Sr. Project Lead, Section Manager, Associate Director, Interim Director, and Principal Technical Staff (the highest technical level at the corporation). At Aerospace, he invented HPA linearizer, GMSK synchronizers and developed advanced optimization techniques using game theory for achieving affordable and low-risk acquisition strategy. Prior to CSUF, he had also held a Research Assistant Professor at the Catholic University of America in concurrent with The Aerospace Corporation positions. He was a Engineering Fellow from Raytheon, where he had 10-year of services at Raytheon, serving as Program Area Chief Engineer, Program Chief Engineer, PI, Technical Director, Program Manager, Lead Architect and Lead System Engineer for many advanced programs and pursuits related to sensing and communication networks. At Raytheon, he invented radar-communication technology and gun barrel detector using millimeter-wave. Previous to Raytheon and Aerospace Corporation, Dr. Nguyen was with NASA/JPL for more than 11-years, where he served as the NASA delegate to the international Consultative Committee for Space Data System (CCSDS). Many of his works on RF and Modulation were adopted as the CCSDS standards for USB waveforms and space RF systems. At JPL he invented QPSK phase ambiguity resolver and developed innovative optimization technique for simultaneous range-command-telemetry operation. He built the first laser lab and automated manufacturing lab when he was with ITT Technical Services in the early ’80s. He has published more than 250 technical reports and papers. His work has appeared in NASA TechBrief, textbook, Open Access Book, SIAM Publication, CCSDS Blue Book, and Wiley & Sons Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He was selected as a Vietnamese-American Role Model by KCSI-TV, Channel 18 in 2002, and Recognition Honoree at 50-Year Celebration of CSUF in 2007. He received numerous Raytheon, Aerospace and NASA awards, and Air Force commendations. He holds 16 patents and has 01 patent pending. His biography has been listed in Marquis Who’sWho in Science and Engineering in America.

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