X. San Liang

Fudan University China

Dr. X. San Liang received his Ph.D. from Harvard University, USA. He has since worked at Harvard, Courant Institute, MIT, Second Institute of Oceanography of China, China Institute for Advanced Study, Nanjing Instiutte of Meteorology. Presently he is a chair professor at Fudan University, Shanghai, China. Dr. Liang has wide interest in a vareity of scientific fields. One of his representative contributions, causality analysis, addresses a fundamental problem in science. A rigorous and quantitative causality analysis has been established from first principles, and applied to problems in different disciplines. Another major contribution involves a set of novel theories and methodologies for tackling atmospheric/oceanic problems such as coastal ocean processes, cold air outbreaks, typhoon genesis, storm track dynamics, to name a few.

X. San Liang

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The coastal environment is deteriorating at an alarming rate and is currently a great societal concern. This book provides a selected collection of papers on coastal environmental change, coastal disasters, and coastal infrastructure due to global warming, with a focus on the coasts of the rapidly developing country China. What makes the book distinctly different from others is its diversity, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of coastal problems. With contributions from over 30 authors, the book is a comprehensive account of diverse topics, such as coastal upwelling, estuarine processes, coastal pollution, sea level rise, meteorological and atmospheric problems, urbanization and the heat island effect, and coastal infrastructure, to name just a few, from theoretical study and phenomenological description, to methodological development. This book is expected to serve as a relatively comprehensive reference for coastal researchers, graduate students, as well as policymakers and coastal resource managers.

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