Hitoshi Ishida

Kansai University

Born in Kyoto (Japan), Hitoshi Ishida received his B. Eng., M. Eng. and Dr. degrees at Osaka University on electrochemical/photochemical CO2 reduction catalyzed by ruthenium complexes under the supervision of Profs. Koji Tanaka and Toshio Tanaka. He worked at Kumamoto University as assistant professor (1988-1997, Supervisor: Prof. Katsutoshi Ohkubo), and then the group leader (1997-2001) of Inoue Photochirogenesis project (Supervisor: Prof. Yoshihisa Inoue), ERATO, JST. He has worked at the Graduate School of Science, Kitasato University as Associate Professor since 2001. He had concurrently been the researcher (2009-2015) in the PRESTO Program 'Chemical Conversion of Light Energy” of JST. He is also working as the Associate Editor in Frontiers in Chemistry, Inorganic Division (2013-). His current research interests are in developing functional molecules based on metal complexes and peptides toward artificial photosynthesis.

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