Felix Govaers

Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics Germany

Felix Govaers received his Diploma in Mathematics and his PHD with the title 'Advanced Data Fusion in Distributed Sensor Applications” in Computer Science, both at the University of Bonn, Germany. Since 2009 he works at Fraunhofer FKIE in the department for Sensor Data Fusion and Information Processing where he now is the deputy head of the department Sensor Data and Information Fusion (SDF). The research of Felix Govaers is focused on data fusion for state estimation in sensor networks. This includes track-extraction, processing of delayed measurements as well as the Distributed Kalman filter, non-linear filters, and track-to-track fusion.

Felix Govaers

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Sensor data fusion is the process of combining error-prone, heterogeneous, incomplete, and ambiguous data to gather a higher level of situational awareness. In principle, all living creatures are fusing information from their complementary senses to coordinate their actions and to detect and localize danger. In sensor data fusion, this process is transferred to electronic systems, which rely on some "awareness" of what is happening in certain areas of interest. By means of probability theory and statistics, it is possible to model the relationship between the state space and the sensor data. The number of ingredients of the resulting Kalman filter is limited, but its applications are not.

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