Antonio Paolo Carlucci

University of Salento

A. Paolo Carlucci, PhD, is Associate Professor of Fluid Machinery, Energy Systems and Power Generation at University of Salento (Italy). He is currently responsible of “Internal Combustion Engines” laboratories, active in conventional and alternative ignition and combustion analysis in internal combustion engines fed with liquid and gaseous alternative fuels. A. Paolo Carlucci took part to different national and international research projects mainly on the following subjects: alternative fuels and alternative combustion in internal combustion engines, diesel engine and powertrain architectures for aircraft propulsion, distributed cogeneration based on internal combustion engines, alternative ignition strategies for air/gaseous fuel mixtures based on carbon nanotubes. A. Paolo Carlucci coauthored 2 book chapters, more than 30 journal papers and 60 contributions in proceedings of international and national conferences.

Antonio Paolo Carlucci

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Based on previsions, the reciprocating internal combustion engine will continue to be widely used in all sectors: transport, industry, and energy production. Therefore, its development, while complying with the limitations of pollutants as well as CO2 emission levels and maintaining or increasing performance, will certainly continue for the next few decades.In the last three decades, a significant effort has been made to reduce pollutant emission levels. More recently, attention has been given to CO2 emission levels too.It is widely recognized that one single technology will not completely solve the problem of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Rather, the different technologies already available will have to be integrated, and new technologies developed, to obtain substantial CO2 abatement.

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