Ana Lourenço

Forest Research Center

Ana Lourenço has a doctoral degree in Forest Engineering from the School of Agriculture, University of Lisbon, with her thesis focusing on the lignin monomeric composition in eucalypts and their degradation during kraft pulping. She is a researcher in Forest Research Center, studying the lignin present in different lignocellulosic materials, developing works on isolation and characterization aiming at its valorization under the biorefinery concept. In the last years, she has collaborated in teaching activities of School of Agriculture; is a member of College of Chemistry of ULisboa (CQUL) and the Ibero-American Society for the Development of Biorefineries (SIADEB). She has a network with national and international institutions from which resulted papers published in indexed international scientific journals, book chapters and has presented her work in national and international scientific conferences (Scopus ID: 36877743000).

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