Nicolás O. Rojas

Service de Physique de lÉtat Condense; (SPEC

Ph.D in Physics | Research Disciplines: Nonlinear physics, statistical mechanics, biological physics, fluid dynamics, statistical hydrodynamics, thermodynamics of mixing, lubrication theory, theory of elasticity, fluid-structure interaction, superparamagnetic colloids, magnetohydrodynamics, finite differences method, finite elements method. | Research Experience: 2017 - 2018 Research Associate at Service de Physique de l\'Etat Condensé (SPEC), CEA‒Saclay. | 2016 Research Associate at GRASP, Institute of Physics, Université de Liège. | 2015 Research Associate, MCND and School of Mathematics, The University of Manchester. | 2012 - 2014 Research Associate, Faculty of Engineering, Universidad de Valparaíso. | Publications: 10 articles, from which 8 indexed ISI and 2 articles indexed in international databases | 2013, 2017 Referee for Physics of Fluids | 2015, 2017 Referee for Journal of Fluid Mechanics | 2018 Referee for Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science.

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