Yoseba K. Penya

Yoseba K. Peña Landaburu was born in 1977 in the Basque Country. In 2000 he received his diploma degree in Computer Science (Dipl.-Ing.) from the University of Deusto (Bilbao, Basque Country) and he joined the Institute of Computer Technology (Vienna University of Technology), where he had also completed his diploma thesis. In the summer of 2003 he spent a 3-month sabbatical at the University of Southampton by his PhD co-advisor Nick Jennings carrying on a research on agent-based markets for energy management. In 2004, he changed to the the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (Department of Information Systems - New Media Lab) as assistant. In April 2006 he promoted with honours under the supervision of Prof. Dietmar Dietrich (Austrian IEEE President, Institute of Computer Technology, TU Vienna) and Prof. Nick Jennings (School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton). Since September 2007 he is back with the University of Deusto as lecturer (at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration-ESTE) and research fellow (within the Deusto Technology Foundation ) where he leads the Smart Grids group of the eNergy research area. He also holds a degree in Anthropology from the UNED (National Spanish Distant University) and a postgraduate degree in Basque Culture and Language Transmission from the HUHEZI (Faculty of Humanities and Education, University of Mondragon). Currently, he is member of the IES Technical Committee of the Building Automation, Control and Management (TC BACM).

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