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Jan Peter Hessling earned his Ph.D. degree in theoretical physics from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, 1996, and his MSc degree in physics from the University of Massachusetts, USA, 1991. Since then, he has been devoted to novel mathematical concepts, focusing on modeling uncertainty and dynamic analysis. Peter is the original proposer of Deterministic Sampling for uncertainty quantification and model calibration, sometimes utilized in novel applications of custom digital filtering for statistical signal processing, such as road quality assessment. Since 2016, his concepts are further developed in the privately held company Kapernicus AB, dedicated to applied mathematical R&D, with services offered worldwide.

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Statistical practices have recently been questioned by numerous independent authors, to the extent that a significant fraction of accepted research findings can be questioned. This suggests that statistical methodologies may have gone too far into an engineering practice, with minimal concern for their foundation, interpretation, assumptions, and limitations, which may be jeopardized in the current context. Disguised by overwhelming data sets, advanced processing, and stunning presentations, the basic approach is often intractable to anyone but the analyst. The hierarchical nature of statistical inference, exemplified by Bayesian aggregation of prior and derived knowledge, may also be challenging. Conceptual simplified studies of the kind presented in this book could therefore provide valuable guidance when developing statistical methodologies, but also applying state of the art with greater confidence.

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