Ana Pereira

Independent Researcher, PhD obtained at University of Lisbon

Dr. Ana Luisa Pereira graduated from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, in 1996. She obtained her PhD in Biology at University of Lisbon in 2007 with a research using the symbiosis between Azolla and Anabaena azollae. She also made postdoctoral research at CIIMAR (Porto, Portugal) and Centre for Functional Ecology (University of Coimbra). Ana Pereira has experience in microscopy, cellular biology, microbiology, genetics, phylogenetics, proteomic, extraction of compounds and their bioactivity and ecotoxicology. She works with plant–cyanobacteria symbiosis (Azolla and Cycas), cyanobacteria and their cyanotoxins, plant growth promoting bacteria, aromatic plants, wild orchids and microalgae. She participated in several projects as team member, attended many conferences and has several publications.

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