Manoj Gupta

Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore

Dr. Manoj Gupta was formerly the Head of Materials Division of the Mechanical Engineering Department and Director designate of the Materials Science and Engineering Initiative at NUS, Singapore. In August 2017, he was chosen for the Top 1% Scientist of the World position by The Universal Scientific Education and Research Network and achieved 2.5% among scientists as per ResearchGate. He has published over 545 peer-reviewed journal papers and owns two US patents and one trade secret. His current h-index is 63, RG index is > 47, and citations are greater than 15000. He has also co-authored six books, published by John Wiley, Springer, and MRF - USA. He is Editor-in-chief/ Editor of twelve international peer-reviewed journals. A multiple award winner, he actively collaborates with and visits Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, China, USA and India as a visiting researcher, professor, and chair professor

Manoj Gupta

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Magnesium-based materials are rapidly emerging in recent years to primarily assist in mitigating global warming and for health benefits. They are seen as materials of the future due to their lightweight, nutritional characteristics and abundance on Earth. Their applications are in a wide array of engineering and biomedical sectors, promising a multi-billion-dollar market in the very near future. The applicability of magnesium-based materials also suits the current emphasis on sustainability and a greener earth. This book was thus conceptualized and highlights important areas of current research and future directions including fundamental and applied principles related to primary and secondary processing types, microstructural evolution, machining, joining, and the past and current application scenario of magnesium-based materials.

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