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University of Navarra

Dr. Denis Larrivee is a visiting scholar at the Mind and Brain Institute, University of Navarra Medical School, and Loyola University, Chicago. He has held professorships at Weill Cornell University Medical College, NYC, and Purdue University, Indiana. A former fellow at Yale University's Medical School, Dr. Larrivee received the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology's first-place award for studies on photoreceptor degenerative and developmental mechanisms. He is the editor of seven books on clinical neuroscience and neurotechnology, and an editorial board member of the Annals of Neurology and Neurological Sciences (USA) and EC Neurology (UK). He is also the lead author of more than one hundred papers and book chapters in such varied journals/venues as Neurology and Neurological Sciences, Journal of Neuroscience, Frontiers Human Neuroscience, Journal of Religion and Mental Health, and IEEE Xplore. In 2018, he was a finalist for the international Joseph Ratzinger Expanded Reason award sponsored by the Francis Vittorio University of Madrid.

Denis Larrivee

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Sleep is a fundamental physiological feature experienced by all known mammalian, and most non-mammalian, species. Underscoring its importance is the wide array of neural and cellular processes that have evolved to govern when and how it occurs, its duration, sequence of phases, and the influence it exerts on numerous other brain functions. This book takes up the growing prevalence of sleep disorders affecting these processes and the panorama of pharmaceutical tools that have evolved for their medical care. Its wide-ranging discussion promises not only recent updates on their clinical management but a contemporary window into sleep’s cross-cutting relevance for the many neurological dysfunctions now known to associate with sleep disturbances.

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