Denis Larrivee

Loyola University Chicago

Dr. Denis Larrivee is a Visiting Scholar at the Mind and Brain Institute, University of Navarra Medical School and Loyola University Chicago and has held professorships at the Weill Cornell University Medical College, NYC, and Purdue University, Indiana. A former fellow at Yale University's Medical School he received the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology's first place award for studies on photoreceptor degenerative and developmental mechanisms. He is the editor of a recently released text on Brain Computer Interfacing with InTech Publishing and an editorial board member of the journals Annals of Neurology and Neurological Sciences (USA) and EC Neurology (UK). He is an International Neuroethics Society Expert and author of more than 90 papers and book chapters in such varied journals/venues as Neurology and Neurological Sciences (USA), Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Religion and Mental Health, and IEEE Explore. In 2018 he was a finalist in the international Joseph Ratzinger Expanded Reason award sponsored by the Francis Vittorio University of Madrid.

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Clinical applications of neurostimulation or neuromodulation are experiencing rapid growth, driven by an evolution in neurotechnologies, the limitations of pharmacotherapy, and an improving understanding of brain physiology. New methods are promising for intractable or marginally tractable cognitive diseases and for adjunct therapies, as they offer greatly improved spatial and temporal resolution, thereby promising greater specificity and quicker recovery from disease. This book includes up-to-date and in-depth studies of many of these therapies, with chapters addressing their use in epilepsy, spasticity, pain, neurodegeneration, and spinal cord dysfunctions, among others, illustrating their versatility and therapeutic promise for cognitive dysfunction.

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