Yuji Yamashita

Chiba Institute of ScienceJapan

Yuji Yamashita received his Ph.D. in natural science from Bayreuth University, Germany, in 2005, an M. S. and B. S. from Yokohama National University, Japan. After several years of research work on the thermotropic liquid crystals in industry laboratory at Chisso Petrochemical Co., he began to study dermatology, especially transdermal drug delivery system, as a post-doctor at St. Marianna University, Japan. Since October 2011, he has been engaged in teaching and research concerning the cosmetic science as an assistant professor at Chiba Institute of Science, and was promoted to a junior associated professor in 2014. The area of his expertise is the surfactant science such as phase behavior and self-assembly which is related to formulation technology. The current research subjects are establishment of a novel parameter to replace the HLB number, emulsion stability under microgravity, micro-calorimetric study on the structural transitions of self-organized matters, and alpha-gel formulation, of which “establishment of a novel parameter to replace the HLB number” was recently awarded by The Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan in November 2016.

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