Selcan Karakus

Istanbul University - Cerrahpaşa

Assistant professor Selcan Karakus is currently working at the Department of Chemistry, Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa(IUC), Turkey. She received her Master of Science degree in Physical Chemistry from Istanbul University (IU) in 2006. Dr. Karakus received her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Physical Chemistry from IU in 2011. She has worked as a visiting researcher at the University of Massachusetts, Department of Polymer Science and Engineering. She has research experience in molecular adsorption, self-assembled polymeric nanostructures and nanocomposites, and copolymer blends. Dr. Karakus has worked on different projects funded by Istanbul University and has published several research articles and book chapters in her area of interest.

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This book covers new micro-/nanoemulsion systems in technology that has developed our knowledge of emulsion stability. The emulsion system is a major phenomenon in well-qualified products and has extensive usages in cosmetic industry, food industry, oil recovery, and mineral processes. In this book, readers will find recent studies, applications, and new technological developments on fundamental properties of emulsion systems.

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