Samia Ali Abdo Gamie

Helwan University

Samia Ali Abdo Gamie graduated from Cairo University Faculty of Medicine in 1983. She received her Medical Doctor (MD) degree in Internal Medicine at Ain Shams University in April 1999. She is Professor of Internal Medicine & Head of Department Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine, Helwan University, Egypt. Dr. Gamie has been an author and reviewer in international publications. She is also Member of Egyptian board of Internal medicine, Examiner In Egyptian fellowship of Internal Medicine, Consultant of Internal Medicine, gastroentrology and hepatology unit, and was in Ministry of Health, United Arab Of Emirate from 2002 till 2012. Dr. Gamie was Member of hypertension and Diabetes Guideline in UAE 2010 and organizer of ultrasound training course (lectures and practical) in Ain Shams University. Her areas of interest include: ultrasonogrophy, needle guided liver biopsy, color Doppler (for 15 years), musculoskeletal ultrasound. She is also trainer of abdominal ultrasound.

Samia Ali Abdo Gamie

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Abdominal ultrasound is a bedside diagnostic tool that helps to discover many abdominal problems. It is a safe and painless procedure that has proven extremely useful for patient workup and diagnosis. This book illustrates the use of ultrasound for all the various organs of the abdomen. Each chapter covers a different organ and presents the latest knowledge and techniques of imaging. The content contained within is relevant across many specialties, including radiology and internal medicine, and is useful for physicians and medical residents and students alike.

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Essentials of Abdominal Ultrasound IntechOpen
Essentials of Abdominal Ultrasound Edited by Samia Ali Abdo Gamie

Essentials of Abdominal Ultrasound

Edited by Samia Ali Abdo Gamie