Yong Zhang

University of Science and Technology Beijing

Professor Zhang Yong prepared the first high-entropy single-crystal alloys. He proposed a balance criterion of high-entropy alloys to predict the phase formation for amorphous and solid solutions and found that trace rare earth elements can improve the glass-forming ability of metallic alloys. He has studied high-entropy alloy fibers and high-entropy alloy spectral selective absorption films and authored and edited several books. His book, Advanced High-entropy Alloy Technology, won first prize from the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, first prize in Natural Science from the Ministry of Education, and second prize from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Professor Yong is a fellow member of the Chinese Materials Research Society and a committee member of the Chinese Nuclear Society. He has organized and served as chairman of numerous conferences on high-entropy alloys and serration behavior. He is a doctoral supervisor, a flexibly appointed professor for the North Minzu University, China, a scientific special commissioner of Guangdong Province, and a guest professor at the North University of China. Professor Yong studies serration behavior, high-throughput technology, and collective effect in materials science.

Yong Zhang

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High-Entropy Materials - Microstructures and Properties summarizes recent developments in multicomponent materials. It discusses properties, processing, modeling, and applications of high-entropy materials, including metallic alloys and oxides. It also discusses solidification, sputtering, cryogenic treatments, CALPHAD methodology, biomedical implants, Fe-based superconductors, Fe-rich high-entropy alloys, and more.

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