Ioannis Kypraios

Dr. Ioannis Kypraios received his BEng in Computer Systems Engineering with first class honours. He has an MSc in Modern Digital communication Systems with distinction. He was awarded an EU Bursary and in 2004 he completed his Doctorate at University of Sussex in Fully-Robust Object Recognition Systems (Optics & Photonics). Dr. Kypraios’s current research interests focus on signal, image and video processing with cross-discipline research conducted in Neuroinformatics for the study of human learning and memory, and Geomatics for climate change monitoring. He is the author of over 30 submitted and/or published papers in high quality refereed International conferences and journals, including IEEE Proceedings, IET Sussex Network Special Presentation Series, Optical Society of America (OSA) Applied Optics Journal and SPRINGER Special Series, over 20 Technical Reports and he has presented his research results at several public exhibitions and invited seminars. Recently, he organised and chaired a special session in “Advances in Image Processing” for the International symposium of PIERS2011 (founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology , USA, Prof. Jin Au Kong). From 2004-to-2008, he has 3+ years of Postdoc. In 2008, Dr. Kypraios became a full-time Research Fellow (Research Assist. Prof.-USA level) at University of Sussex. In January 2011, he became Senior Lecturer at Department of Engineering and IT, ICTM, London, and in April 2012 he joined the APEM Computing Labs (Remote Sensing and R&D Division) at Begbroke Science Park of University of Oxford, UK. He has worked and collaborated in Research Projects with several Institutes in UK and Internationally, including Space Science Centre at University of Sussex, University of Bradford, University of Gent (UGENT) in Belgium, Technical University of Crete (TUC) in Greece, and USA NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) in California amongst others. Dr. Kypraios is a full member of several processional bodies including the IET and IEEE, and he is a registered FP7 Expert/Reviewer and a registered IEEE Expert Spokesperson. In February 2012, he was appointed as an IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) GOLD Subcommittee panel member.

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