Ece Gumusoglu

Istanbul University

M.Sc. Gumusoglu is a research assistant at Istanbul University’s Molecular Biology and Genetics Department in Istanbul, Turkey. Her primary interest over the last years has been researching genomics and cell-free DNA and RNA of human genetic diseases and cancer at the Genetic Diseases-Molecular Analysis Unit at Istanbul University. In her master’s thesis, she worked on ovarian cancer diagnosis via circulating miRNA analysis using the microarray technique. We are working on the validation of these potential biomarker miRNAs by real-time PCR. During her master’s degree, she worked as an intern at the CRUK-Cambridge Institute, Genomics Core Facility for six months to learn Next Generation Sequencing and other advanced techniques. M.Sc. Gumusoglu has also worked on other projects such as the investigation of cell-free RNA biomarkers in preeclampsia and early pregnancy loss, research on cell-free DNA for early detection of trisomy by array CGH, investigation of endometrial RNA expression profile in recurrent implantation failure, and recurrent miscarriage by mRNA microarray method. Now, her interest is about circulating ovarian cancer stem cell selection and non-coding RNA expression of these cells to differentiation of ovarian cancer stages, recurrence or metastasis. She has several international and national academic articles and abstracts about ovarian cancer and prenatal diagnosis.

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