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Professor Harry Edmar Schulz is a professor in the School of Engineering of the University of São Paulo, Brazil. He is a Civil Engineer (1982) specialist in the Teaching of Transport Phenomena (1985) MSc., and a doctor in Hydraulics and Sanitary Eng. (1985 and 1990). He is also a professor in Transport Phenomena (1997), a full professor in Fluid Mechanics and Transport Phenomena (2002). Professor Schulz served as a visiting researcher in the IfH, Universität Karlsruhe (1992-1993, 1998-1999) and in the SAFL, University of Minnesota (2007-2008). He is an advisor to students working towards their titles as Dr and MSc in Civil Eng. (Hydraulics and Sanitation) and in Mechanical Eng. (Fluid Mechanics). Professor Schulz’s interests are in fluid mechanics, turbulence, and related transport phenomena: applied hydraulics, environmental education related to water resources, and the interaction between philosophical and scientific points of view for the improving of the teaching in engineering and exact sciences.

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The knowledge of the characteristics of the fluids and their ability to transport substances and physical properties is relevant for us. However, the quantification of the movements of fluids is a complex task, and when considering natural flows, occurring in large scales (rivers, lakes, oceans), this complexity is evidenced. This book presents conclusions about different aspects of flows in natural water bodies, such as the evolution of plumes, the transport of sediments, air-water mixtures, among others. It contains thirteen chapters, organized in four sections: Tidal and Wave Dynamics: Rivers, Lakes and Reservoirs, Tidal and Wave Dynamics: Seas and Oceans, Tidal and Wave Dynamics: Estuaries and Bays, and Multiphase Phenomena: Air-Water Flows and Sediments. The chapters present conceptual arguments, experimental and numerical results, showing practical applications of the methods and tools of Hydrodynamics.

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