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Professor in chemistry and material science at Mato Grosso do Sul State University (UEMS), Alberto Adriano Cavalheiro holds a researcher position at Chemical Technology Development Center (CDTEQ-UEMS). He received his bachelor title in Exact and Earth Sciences and in Chemistry, both in 1995, Master and PhD degrees from Paulista State University, Brazil, in 1998 and 2002, respectively. He has published 66 papers in peer-reviewed journals in several fields concerning synthesis methods and material characterizations. He had research visits to Ceramic and Glass Institute of Madrid, Spain, where he has conducted research on ferroelectric materials and has also two postdoctoral experiences, with nanocomposite materials applied in heterogeneous catalysis with semiconductor powders and with thin films applied in photocatalysis processes.

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Powder Technology comprehends several particulate solid systems, which must be controlled, from the nucleation stages to the final application of derivative materials. Powder characteristics depend on the synthesis method, which can be a simple solid-state reaction followed by attrition milling, mechanosynthesis, or chemical methods, such as the sol-gel method. Powder technology is an important interdisciplinary area, which can provide solutions to several application fields. The book Powder Technology contains several peer-reviewed chapters organized in two sections. Section 1 is focused on metal and composites powders and Section 2 contains chapters on non-metallic powders. I sincerely hope that the contents of this book will help in the dissemination of knowledge to researchers and students working with powder technology.

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