Alberto Adriano Cavalheiro

Mato Grosso do Sul State University Brazil

Alberto Adriano Cavalheiro is an associate professor at the State University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UEMS), Brazil, where he works as a permanent lecturer in the Graduate Program in Natural Resources and coordinates the LIMAN materials laboratory. He holds a bachelor\'s, master’s, and a doctorate in Chemistry and a Licentiate of Science. He completed two postdocs with research in semiconductors and catalysts. He works in teaching, research, and extension, with a focus on chemistry and material and environmental sciences. He also coordinates the chemistry area of the Teaching Initiation Program at UEMS. He has numerous funded projects, articles in peer-reviewed journals, and book chapters to his credit. Dr. Cavalheiro has mentored several undergraduate and graduate students.

Alberto Adriano Cavalheiro

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New Advances in Semiconductors brings together contributions from important researchers around the world on semiconductor materials and their applications. It includes seven chapters in two sections: “Calculations and Simulations in Semiconductors” and “Semiconductor Materials.” The world will emerge different after the social and economic reorganizations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and will be even more dependent on semiconductors than ever before. New Advances in Semiconductors is a book that brings together the contributions of important researchers around the world and is able to give an idea about the different characteristics of semiconductor materials and their applications. There is a section dedicated to theory, calculations and logic and another dedicated to the development and characterization of semiconductor materials of great future interest. I really hope that this book will help to spread knowledge about this research field to other researchers and students working in this area or even to those interested in starting their more advanced studies.

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