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South China University of Technology

Dr. Weiyu Wang graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 2015 with a PhD in Polymer Chemistry. After working as a post-doc research associate in Oak Ridge National Lab, Dr. Wang joined the South China Advanced Institute for Soft Matter Science and Technology as a material consultant. Currently, he is pursuing an MBA at Yale School of Management. As a chemist, Dr. Wang’s primary research focus is to understand the fundamental principles behind the structure–property relationship of polymeric materials and develop advanced materials for applications in high-performance elastomers, energy storage, and electronic and medical devices. One of his career passions/interests is to bring together universities and small- and middle-scale industries to facilitate the advancement in green technologies.

Weiyu Wang

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Polypropylene (PP) is one of the most important thermoplastics widely applied in the fields of automobile, packaging, clothing, and plastic molding. Since J. Paul Hogan and Robert L. Banks accidentally synthesized crystalline PP in 1951, tremendous breakthroughs have been achieved and have successfully transferred PP from a discovery in the laboratory to an indispensable commodity. Along with the commercial success, progress in the “academic community” of PP has expanded our toolbox to tailor tactility and microstructure, improve thermal and mechanical properties, understand and control crystallization behavior, develop efficient functionalization strategies, and explore novel applications. This book provides an overview of progress in PP from the perspectives of synthesis, structure–property relationship, processing, PP composites, and applications.

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