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Dr. Waldely Dias is graduated in Biomedical Sciences at the Federal University of São Paulo (1977) and obtained her Master's degree (1981) and PhD (1983) in Microbiology and Immunology at the same university. She has completed post-doctoral fellowship at the Institut Pasteur Paris, in the Laboratory of Biotechnologies - Hybridolab (1987) and at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - Laboratory of Pertussis, USA (1992). As a senior scientific researcher of the Biotechnology Center at the Butantan Institute - Special Laboratory of Vaccine Development) since 1988, Dr Dias is involved in the development of new bacterial vaccines, including a whole cell pneumococcal vaccine and new alternatives for pertussis vaccines.

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In this book, we propose some approaches about interrelationships between vaccine strategies and microbial epidemiology, taking into account as reference the whooping cough, an endemic disease with significant morbidity and mortality and of indisputable importance in public health.

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