Murat Ferhat Ferhatoglu

Okan University Turkey

Ferhatoglu M.D. has been working as an assistant professor in Okan University, General Surgery Clinic since 2016. M.Ferhat Ferhatoglu M.D has specialized in gastrointestinal system surgery. Presenting 51 presentations at national and international congresses. Ferhatoglu M.D. also has 4 articles and 1 book section.

Murat Ferhat Ferhatoglu

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Approximately 100 years ago, after the first diagnostic laparoscopy and subsequent developments, the adventure began with laparoscopic appendectomy and cholecystectomy and reached a point where any surgical procedure could be performed easily. Today, many endoscopic surgical procedures have an important role not only in general surgery, but also in the daily practice of many surgical branches. This vertiginous development and change of speed make rapid replacement of the visual and printed materials necessary for training in this area. This book is prepared by surgeons who are very successful in their field.

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