Mualla Cengiz

Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Turkey

Prof. Dr. Mualla Cengiz is working in the Istanbul University–Cerrahpaşa, Department of Geophysical Engineering since 2001. She works on paleomagnetism applied on the tectonic assemblages of Anatolia and its surrounding area. She is giving lectures in gravimety, earth magnetism, rocks magnetism and environmental magnetism. She has authored many international publications and collaborated in several national/international projects. She is actually working on the geophysical applications in caves, salt resource and seawater intrusion.

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Despite decades of study, fundamental aspects of the development of the Earth’s crust remain enigmatic. This book presents geophysical and geological studies obtained from different tectonic structures and geological time intervals. It contains three sections: “Crustal Evolution and Tectonic Problems”, “Geophysical Methods in Geological Applications” and “Seismic Forecasting, Seismotectonics and Geodynamic Evolution of the Himalayan Belt”. Chapters address such topics as the evolution of tectonic structures of Earth, how geophysical and geological data can be used for modelling this evolution, and the geodynamic processes in the Earth’s crust with the present tectonic activity.

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