Vicente Vanaclocha

University of Valencia

Professor Dr. Vicente Vanaclocha received his medical degree from the University of Valencia and did his training as a neurosurgeon in the hospital affiliated with it. From the beginning of his professional career, he put great effort into continuous training, resulting in 15 long-term residencies in hospitals around the world, and the completion of 188 courses of medical training. He is always eager to learn and is devoted to teaching. He has published 80 articles in peer-reviewed journals with close to 3000 citations, written 15 book chapters, and served as the editor of 2 books. He has also been involved in humanitarian work in Syria and Egypt. He is a devoted husband and the father of three lovely daughters.

2books edited

8chapters authored

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Chronic pain is a part of the human condition, despite immense advancements in pain treatment and management. In many societies, easy access to opioids has created a drug abuse crisis. Unfortunately, we seem to have forgotten many techniques that have been used in the past with great success. Some of these techniques continue to be useful, particularly in areas of the globe where resources are limited. This book attempts to remind those of us in the medical profession about the existence of some of these techniques and their ongoing utility. We need to master them or keep them in our armamentarium for the good of our patients.

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