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University of Valencia

Professor Dr. Vicente Vanaclocha obtained his medical degree from the University of Valencia, Spain, and trained as a neurosurgeon in the university’s affiliated hospital. He has placed great emphasis on training in his career, as evidenced by his fifteen long-term stays at various hospitals worldwide and his completion of 188 courses. He is always eager to learn and devoted to teaching. Dr. Vanaclocha has published eighty-two articles in peer-reviewed journals with close to 3,000 citations, eighteen book chapters, and three books. He has also been involved in humanitarian work in Syria and Egypt. He is a devoted husband and father of three lovely daughters.

Vicente Vanaclocha

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Moyamoya disease is a rare cerebrovascular disease most prevalent in East Asian countries. Thanks to new diagnostic capabilities, the number of cases discovered, including asymptomatic patients, has been increasing steadily. However, asymptomatic from the clinical point of view does not necessarily mean that there are no subjacent problems. Indeed, many patients harbour cognitive decline long before they exhibit clinical or radiological manifestations. The only effective treatment is surgical revascularization, either direct, indirect, or combined. Many posit that preventive surgical treatment should be considered even in asymptomatic moyamoya patients, particularly in the paediatric age group. This book expands on these ideas and examines the various aspects of this dreadful disease.

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