Ruth Escamilla-Montes

Instituto Politecnico Nacional (CIIDIR Sinaloa)

Dr. Ruth Escamilla-Montes is a Doctor in Marine and Coastal Sciences with a specialty in Aquaculture and a Researcher at the Sinaloa System of Researchers and Technologists (SSIT-INAPI Sinaloa). Her areas of study are cultivation and ecology of Bivalve and Crustacean Molluscs. In the last five years she has focused on the isolation and characterization of lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and bacilli with probiotic potential and pathogenic bacteria such as Vibrio parahaemolyticus and its effect in the growth, survival and expression of genes of the immune system and stress of marine organisms. Dr. Escamilla-Montes has participated in 10 research projects, as well as presentations at national and international conferences, 5 chapter books, 28 articles in ISI Thomson-JCR international journals. She is also an arbitrator in the revision of manuscripts sent to International Journals (ISI-JCR).

4chapters authored