Marwa El-Azazy

College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University

Dr. Marwa El-Azazy is an Analytical Chemist 'an experienced educator and a researcher” with more than 15 years of teaching experience at several institutions. Her main research interest is construction of sensors (using microfluidic platforms for point-of-care-testing of drugs and bio-analytes and ion-selective electrodes), chemometrics and analytical method development, spectroscopic analyses of drugs and pharmaceuticals, synthesis of nanomaterials, and development of green chemistry approaches for wastewater treatment. Dr. Marwa has a track record of research inputs including ˃25 refereed papers in prestigious international journals, several conference presentations, two book chapters, in addition to several research grants. She serves as a reviewer for a variety of international journals.

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Delving into Infrared Spectroscopy: Principles, Advances and Applications, and with basic knowledge of IR spectroscopy, will provide the reader with a synopsis of fundamentals and groundbreaking advances in the field. Readers will see a variety of MIR applications and difficulties encountered, especially in an industrial environment. Competency in FT-IR spectroscopy in biomedical research and early-stage diagnosis of obesity is shown. Challenges associated with VIS-NIR applications are shown through application of the technique in assessing quality parameters of fruits. Moreover, IR spectroscopic studies of radiation-stimulated processes, and the influence of using IR in developing an ideal catalyst and hence an efficient catalysis process, are discussed. The impact of coupling multivariate data analysis techniques to IR is shown in almost every chapter.

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