Hayri Baytan Ozmen

Usak University

Dr. Hayri Baytan Ozmen is currently an associate professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, Usak University, Turkey. He graduated from the Civil Engineering Department of the Middle East Technical University, Turkey, in 2001. He received his PhD in the same field from Pamukkale University in 2011. His research interests includes reinforced concrete structures, earthquake engineering, seismic evaluation, and retrofit. He has more than sixty-five research papers published in international journals and conferences and has conducted and been involved in more than ten national and international research projects. He performed seismic evaluation or design of seismic retrofit systems for more than 150 RC buildings and provided consultancy for structural engineering studies. He is the editor in chief of an international journal on materials and structural engineering.

Hayri Baytan Ozmen

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Fracture mechanics deals with the cracking behavior of materials, and cracking defines the limit state for many components of engineering systems. Fracture mechanics principles can help us design more robust components to ensure safer airplanes, space shuttles, ships, cranes, buildings, bridges, and mechanical systems. Written by researchers and experts of the field, this book examines recent progress in fracture mechanics applications. Chapters cover such topics as rupture theory, the J-integral, knitted fabric-reinforced polymer composites, and artificial neural networks to detect structural damage, among others. This volume is designed for graduate students, researchers, and practicing engineers.

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