Jan Beute

The Rotterdam Eye Hospital

Dr. Beute is a skilful and experienced anaesthesiologist and intensivist. He has management and administrative experience, leadership skills, teaching experience and academic experience. His areas of interest include haemodynamics and cardiac anaesthesia; pulmonary diseases; allergies; microcirculation. He serves as a peer reviewer for some reputable journals. From 2016​​ onward he has been working as free-lance anaesthesiologist and intensivist in more than 30 clinics and hospitals ​​​in The Netherlands and one in Belgium. He has gone undergone NVA training courses, several Intensive Care-related seminars, congresses and training courses, national and international, several Anaesthesiology-related seminars, congresses and training courses, national and international. He is also involved in the development of a new device, for accurate and online measurement of tissue perfusion and oxygen delivery.

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