Donna Farland-Smith

The Ohio State University

Donna Farland-Smith received her Ed.D in Science and Mathematics Education from the University of Massachusetts, MA, USA, in 2003. Her dissertation was titled "The Effect of HIstorical, Non-fiction, Trade Books on Third Grade Students’ Perceptions of Scientists". In 2012, she began her career at Ohio State University, School of Teaching and Learning, OH, USA, and she currently holds the position of Associate Professor of Science Education there. She has authored numerous books, journal articles, and book chapters on the topic of early childhood education.

Donna Farland-Smith

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This book will serve as a resource for students, researchers, and practitioners in the area of early childhood education. The 18 chapters are divided and organized into the major areas relevant to early childhood education: early childhood development, play, science, mathematics, technology, literacy, and exceptional learners. Each chapter contains an overview of background information pertinent to the chapter and a synopsis of research or a new research study. The information contained in this book provides a foundation for past and/or present research and suggests future research studies.

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