Hechmi Toumi

Orleans University - Orleans Regional Hospital - PRIMMO

Professor Hechmi Toumi is a researcher graduated from the University Blaise Pascal, Researcher assistant at Wisconsin University, awarded professor at the University of Wales, UK and founded Demasq, Cardiff UK Limited in February 2008 and also served as its Chief Scientific Officer. Professor at the University of Orleans, France and acted the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology. Currently, he is the scientific director of the translational medicine & science (bench to bedside) research platform PRIMMO at the CHRO Hospital Orleans France. He is the inventor of the international patent filing on the use of algorithmic analyses to identify and quantify ‘invisible’ detail in soft tissues in standard radiographs. Professor Toumi is a Member of the Editorial boards of several journals. His research focuses on Bone, Cartilage and soft tissue injuries. He has lectured worldwide on the Pathologies, Treatment and Prevention of muscular skeletal injuries.

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This book presents exclusive and comprehensive insight into the detailed molecular mechanisms of osteoarthritis (OA) initiation, progression and current advancements in the field. Inputs from clinician scientists, research and expertise offer a complete explanation of the current understanding of the pathogenesis of OA and practice in imaging and treatments strategies. Contributions from leading scientists provide a detailed introduction in the use of biomarkers in clinical research as well as in clinical practice and OA diagnosis. This book further discusses the potential of regenerative therapies and recent advances in cardiovascular and functional capacity on patients with OA.

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