Carlos Miguel Rios-González

Universidad Nacional de Caaguazu, Facultad de Ciencias Medicas

Carlos Miguel Rios González is a medical surgeon specializing in health research, university didactics, infection control, and hospital epidemiology. He is the Research Director at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, National University of Caaguazu, Paraguay. He is also a researcher and Director of Education at the National Institute of Health, Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare, Director of the COCHRANE Paraguay Center, and president of Paraguay’s Health Ethics Committee. He has a master’s degree in hospital administration, a master’s in scientific research methodology, a Ph.D. in public health, and a Ph.D. in education, and is currently pursuing a master's in higher education in medical sciences. He is an editor and reviewer of international scientific journals as well as an international speaker.

Carlos Miguel Rios-González

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The term “health literacy” was used for the first time in 1974 at a conference on health education and social policy; its definition has evolved over time to encompass both the patient’s understanding and their ability to process and interpret the health information they receive. The WHO defines health literacy as “the social and cognitive skills that determine the level of motivation and the ability of a person to access, understand and use information in a way that allows them to promote and maintain good health”. Literacy in health not only means that the person understands the information that the health professional gives them or that comes to them but also implies that they know how to identify accurate and appropriate information, how to interpret and judge this information, and are able to apply it according to individual circumstances and needs.

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Health Literacy Advances and Trends Edited by Carlos Miguel Rios-González

Health Literacy

Edited by Carlos Miguel Rios-González

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Transgender Health IntechOpen
Transgender Health Advances and New Perspectives Edited by Carlos Miguel Rios-González

Transgender Health

Edited by Carlos Miguel Rios-González