Ryan Merlin Yonk

North Dakota State University

Ryan M. Yonk is the Undergraduate Programs Director in the Center for the Study of Public Choice and Political Economy at North Dakota State University. He is also a lecturer in the Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics. Dr. Yonk received his PhD in Political Science from Georgia State University in 2011. He was previously a research assistant professor of economics at Utah State University. His books include Green V. Green, Direct Democracy in the United States, Nature Unbound: Bureaucracy vs. the Environment, Reality of American Energy, and The Political Impact of Quality of Life. Dr. Yonk is the author of numerous academic journal articles and policy reports focused on the intersection of public policy, economics, and politics.

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Among the most discussed and contested areas of policy are those that surround economic development. Among the wide universe that is public policy, those policies that claim to enhance economic development have long been viewed as particularly important, and discussions over what the best approaches are have been varied, heated, and often at the core of the success or failure of governments. This volume explores how different policy environments impact economic development in light of the interplay with other factors. From discussion of tax policy in the Russian Federation, to the interplay of economic development and culture in Namibia, to the complex interplay between tourism and extractive industries in the United States, this volume explores a range of policy realities.

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