Pasquale Cianci

University of Foggia

Dr. Pasquale Cianci, General Surgeon and PhD at the "Lorenzo Bonomo" Hospital-Andria-IT, affiliated at the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences, University of Foggia (Italy). Contract Professor in General and Emergency Surgery, Gastroenterology and Human Physiology, Faculty of Medicine - Nursing Science and Physiotherapy Courses. Professor in surgical anatomy at the specialty school in general surgery. Contract Professor of I Level Masters: Intestinal stoma care nurse, Operating room nurse and Emergency medicine and critical area. Member of some of the most important Italian Scientific Surgical Societies and other International Surgical Societies: AACS, EAES, SICE, ACOI, SPIGC, SIUCP. Author of 54 national and international scientific papers, book chapters, and Academic book Editor which are well appreciated in the health community. Editorial Board Member of WJSP and AJRRE, Reviewer of major international scientific journals such as WJSO, WJG, WJSP, OMCR, MDPI, BMC, BMJ, CSS, IJMPCR, and speaker at numerous national and international Surgical Congresses. Special interest in Laparoscopic surgery, Robotics, Endocrine surgery and Coloproctology.

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The prevalence of anorectal disorders in the general population is probably much higher than that seen in clinical practice. Anorectal diseases have for a long time been considered of little interest, with their treatment considered of little prestige despite the social impact they cause to patients. Proctology was initiated late and developed slowly over the years. However, in the last 20 years, a renewed interest has begun, and today, we can say that proctology is a specialized branch of general surgery. This book "Proctological Diseases in Surgical Practice" provides a practical introduction to proctology, with a particular attention to the topics that have not yet been investigated. This book may be useful for the general physician as well as for the specialist.

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