Zheng-Ming Huang

Tongji University

Dr. Zheng-Ming Huang is a professor at the School of Aerospace Engineering & Applied Mechanics, Tongji University, China. He is known for his unified elastic-plastic constitutive theory and the bridging model for composites. He has found that the homogenized stresses in the constituents of a composite obtained by any micromechanics theory must be converted into true values before the effective property, specifically failure and strength behavior, can be determined from the monolithic constituent properties. He has established a systematic theory to accomplish the conversion. Challenging issues such as when the interface debonding occurs between the constituents of a composite subjected to any load have been addressed using his theories. He is the author/co-author of more than 200 papers, 4 books, 7 book chapters, and 22 patents. One of his papers has received more than 5,000 citations in Web of Science.

Zheng-Ming Huang

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This book, Failure Analysis, covers a broadest sense failure to a narrowest sense one. One purpose of this book is to provide the reader with an overall picture of various failures and how to deal with them. Another purpose is to present the latest scientific advancements in this field. For instance, an innovative concept of true stresses is introduced and is shown to be necessary in dealing with a composite failure micromechanically.

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Failure Analysis Edited by Zheng-Ming Huang

Failure Analysis

Edited by Zheng-Ming Huang