Kunihiro Sakuma

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Professor Kunihiro Sakuma, Ph.D., currently works at the Institute for Liberal Arts in Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is a physiologist working in the field of skeletal muscle. He was awarded sports science diploma in 1995 by the University of Tsukuba and started scientific work at the Department of Physigology, Aichi Human Service Center, focusing on the molecular mechanism of congenital muscular dystrophy and normal muscle regeneration. His interest was later turned to the molecular mechanism and attenuating strategy of sarcopenia (age-related muscle atrophy). His opinion is to attenuate sarcopenia by improving autophagic defect using nutrient- and pharmaceutical-based treatments.

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Skeletal muscle is a highly plastic organ that is modulated by various pathways controlling protein turnover. Muscle loss is common in muscular dystrophy, in which marked loss of various proteins such as the dystrophin-glycoprotein complex occurs around muscle fibers. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the various muscular dystrophies, including characteristics, diagnosis, and classification. General treatment of drugs (e.g. corticosteroids) and physical therapy for muscular dystrophies are discussed. In addition, current applications for cell and tissue engineering using muscle stem cells or gene therapy are introduced. This book also deals with the recent advances in appropriate models of drug screening using cell cultures or mammalian organs in vitro in this field.

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